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Women's Foundation of Oklahoma

  Women's Foundation of Oklahoma

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Chambers Family Fund partnered with the Communities Foundation of Oklahoma to create Oklahoma’s only women’s fund in 2003. The Women’s Foundation of Oklahoma provides grants to organizations that work to remove systemic barriers, to provide stable social support for women and to ensure long term economic self-sufficiency. Initial funding from Chambers Family Fund supported a needs assessment in 2003 to identify the challenges facing women and girls in Oklahoma. The subsequent findings guide grantmaking and systems change initiatives for worthwhile programs that strengthen organizations helping women and girls reach their potential. The foundation met the initial $1 million endowment goal and has made grants of nearly $300,000 to organizations improving the economic status of women and positively impacting girls' futures.

The Women’s Foundation of Oklahoma partnered with the Oklahoma College of Continuing Education, Oklahoma Women’s Coalition and Smart Start Oklahoma to collect data and recommend an action plan to increase continuing education for low income single mothers. With funding from the women’s foundation, the partners anticipate a two to three year implementation plan followed by evaluation in year five. “Higher Education Opportunities for Oklahoma Single Mothers” will include policy recommendations that increase educational access and affordability for women.

Nearly 20 percent of Oklahoma girls never graduate from high school.


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