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Engaged Funding

Chambers Family Fund partners with nonprofit organizations to create positive change. Our cooperative journeys inspire an innovative climate that guide us, our funding partners and our grantees to look beyond traditional contexts and develop creative solutions.


Ascend, a program of The Aspen Institute, is leading the promotion and development of a “two-generation” approach to reducing poverty among children and their parents. Learn more.



Tools of the Mind is an innovative early childhood education curriculum with national impact that is becoming a permanent nonprofit organization based in Colorado. Learn more


Tools of the Mind


The Bell Policy Center, co-founded by Chambers Family Fund in 2000, is a progressive, nonpartisan think tank that has become a leader in policy research and analysis in the state of Colorado. Learn more.


The Bell Policy Center


Colorado Children’s Campaign, a leading policy and advocacy organization, benefited from a successful five-year foundation collaborative effort that strengthened its capacity to represent Colorado’s children well into the future. Learn more.


Colorado Children's Campaign


Clayton Early Learning serves as a catalyst for early childhood programmatic and policy change and created Clayton Educare Center, a state-of-the-art early childhood education facility. Learn more.

Clayton Early Learning

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