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Colorado Children's Campaign

  Colorado Children's Campaign

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Colorado Children’s Campaign researches child well-being, stimulates dialogue on children's issues, and promotes accountability and action to improve the health, education, safety and economic security of Colorado's children.

Since 1985, Colorado Children’s Campaign has filled a unique and vital role, advocating for the well-being of all children in Colorado. The Campaign mobilizes individuals, organizations and policymakers to think and act on behalf of children, with particular attention to the health, education and safety of children most at risk. Its past successes include providing access to health care for uninsured children from working families (Child Health Plan Plus), as well as helping to increase the numbers of low income and minority children who attend high quality preschools and small high schools (The Colorado Preschool Program and the Colorado Small Schools Initiative).

In 2004, Chambers Family Fund and Rose Community Foundation published Then and Now (*PDF), a report describing how funders collaborated to secure the future of the Campaign by providing multi-year general operating support. We supported a needs assessment and invited local foundations interested in children’s issues to a series of meetings about the Campaign’s future and the need for advocacy funding. A strategic plan identified organizational and funding goals to stabilize and build the organization’s capacity. As a result of the funding collaborative, Colorado Children's Campaign raised nearly $1 million in multi-year general support and has appreciably strengthened its staff, its board and its ability to serve children. Chambers Family Fund established an endowment for the Campaign that will help ensure the future of this organization that is vital to children in Colorado.

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