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The Bell Policy Center

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The Bell Policy Center is one of a handful of Colorado public policy think tanks and is committed to expanding opportunities for Colorado families and working adults through nonpartisan issue research and analysis.

In keeping with Chambers Family Fund’s emphasis on advancing justice, equality and opportunity, we partnered with the Brett Family Foundation and the Gill Foundation in 2000 to provide start-up funding for The Bell Policy Center. This progressive think tank provides nonpartisan guidance to help citizens and policymakers debate issues and develop policies that positively affect families and working adults in Colorado. For example, the Bell contributed significantly to fiscal policy changes in Colorado for a critical five year period between 2006 and 2010. Its report, Ten Years of TABOR (*PDF), was a catalyst for fiscal reform. The Bell estimates that as a result of Referendum C (which reformed TABOR), the state retained approximately $1 billion a year in additional state revenue in each of these five years, allowing the budget to partially recover from the economic downturn.

Some of the Bell’s pivotal reports are listed below. Please visit The Bell Policy Center website for more information.

  • Colorado Looking Forward, 2007 (*PDF) In collaboration with Colorado Children’s Campaign and Colorado Center on Law and Policy, the Bell produced this report detailing the state’s current fiscal condition. In 2010, these organizations led efforts to remove the Arveschoug-Bird budget formula and expand the state’s reserve fund.
  • Colorado: The State of Opportunity 2005 Report (*PDF) This report builds on the Bell's Cycle of Opportunity model, tracking progress along nine gateways to opportunity from birth to retirement. It offers research on indicators and makes recommendations to legislators and business.
  • Ten Years of TABOR, 2003 (*PDF) Outlining the perceived and actual effects over 10 years of TABOR legislation, this report spurred informed dialogue and led to the reform of TABOR (a complex, far-reaching and confusing constitutional amendment with wide-ranging implications for Colorado).

*PDFs require the Acrobat Reader.

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