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2003 Annual Report

  Chambers Family Fund 2003 Annual Report
2003 Annual Report

Our 2003 Annual Report includes information on:



Financial Overview

Annual Report Grantees

Chambers Family Fund 2003 Grant Distribution


The Children's Museum
General Support — for programming to promote education and nurturing of children, newborn through age eight, and the adults who care for them


Colorado Children's Campaign
Endowment Fund — for a challenge grant to increase funding of the organization’s endowment established by Chambers Family Fund in 2001


The Clayton Foundation
General Support — for general operations of the Clayton Institute that provides professional development for early care and education providers to help build capacity for quality child care in Colorado


Educare Colorado
Public Education and Policy Research — for Educare Colorado's goal to ensure that all children, birth to five years, have access to high quality early childhood care and education in safe and nurturing environments



Colorado Center on Law and Policy
Colorado Fiscal Policy Institute — to update the Self-Sufficiency Standard to reflect changes in the cost of living and working in Colorado since the report was released in 2001


The Global Fund for Women
General Support — for women's organizations around the world working to address critical issues such as gaining economic independence, increasing girls' access to education and preventing violence against women


Institute for Mestiza Leadership
Circle of Latina Leadership — for mentoring Latinas to better understand and provide leadership for the critical issues affecting the Latino community in Denver and implement strategies to address these issues


Secure Source
General Support — for start-up funding to create this national organization to address the need for a reliable, affordable and long term source of contraceptive supplies for family planning organizations


The Women's Foundation of Colorado
Merle Catherine Chambers Center for the Advancement of Women — for the capital campaign to build a new home for the Women’s Foundation of Colorado and the Women’s College


Strategic Re-Positioning Project - for a strategic planning process for The Women's Foundation of Colorado


Women's Funding Network
Quantum Leap Donor Circle — to assist the Women’s Funding Network leverage its resources to increase funding for the creation and support of women’s funds


Work Options for Women
General Support — to support culinary job training, life skills training, job placement, case management and follow-up services to low income women



Girls Incorporated
Comprehensive Sex Education Project — for development of a national curriculum to ensure that every girl has the education and resources needed to make informed choices about contraception and disease prevention


Mi Casa Resource Center For Women
Mi Carrera Program — for the OWL Managed Technology Lab to develop computer and core technology skills of middle school girls


Society of Women Engineers
2003 Exploring Engineering and Technology Event — to encourage 7th and 8th grade girls to participate in science, math, and technology and to provide information on careers in these fields



Communities Foundation of Oklahoma
Women's Foundation of Oklahoma — to establish the women’s fund endowment and for staff participation at the Women’s Funding Network conference


Montana Community Foundation
Women's Foundation of Montana — for matching endowment funds, re-granting dollars, research and operations, and for staff and board member participation at the Women’s Funding Network conference


Wyoming Community Foundation
Wyoming Women's Foundation — for matching endowment funds,
re-granting dollars, research and operations, and for staff and board member participation at the Women’s Funding Network conference



The Bell Policy Center
General Support — for this research and advocacy organization committed to making Colorado a state of opportunity for all by reinvigorating the debate on policy issues affecting the well-being of families and working adults


Family Foundation Initiative — to increase resources and to educate family foundations about social justice philanthropy


The Denver Foundation
The Expanding Non-Profit Inclusiveness Initiative — to support and enhance the effectiveness of Metro Denver's nonprofit organizations by encouraging the inclusion of people of color on boards and staff


NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado Foundation
General Support — to promote access to reproductive health care through public education and community organizing projects in Colorado


Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains
General Support — for comprehensive reproductive and complementary health care services, and advocacy and educational programs in the Rocky Mountain region



Political Research Associates
General Support — for research and public education to rebuild and revitalize a progressive movement around a common vision for an open, democratic and pluralist society


Women Donors Network/Political Research Associates Study Group — to support a partnership with Women Donors Network to create a progressive donor education program


The Women and Public Policy Program (WAPPP)
The Women and Religion Program — to support current activities and partnerships that focus on women's leadership in religious institutions, and policies in government and religious institutions that affect women


In addition to our priority areas, we award core community support grants to arts and cultural organizations that are of personal interest to our trustees. These grants typically support ongoing general operating activities.

Arts and Culture

Colorado Symphony Association
General Support — for the symphony to continue to provide a broad spectrum of quality musical performances and programs in Colorado


Denver Center for the Performing Arts
General Support — for the Denver Center for the Performing Arts and the Denver Center Theatre Company’s 2003-2004 seasons


Music Associates of Aspen, Inc.
Aspen Music Festival and School — for this internationally renowned classical music festival that presents world-class music in an intimate, Colorado mountain setting


Kirkland Museum
General Support — a special designation from the estate of Evelyn Chambers for the museum and the exhibitions of Kirkland’s work



Hastings 1066 Foundation
Endowed Scholarship — to create an endowed scholarship for those who have been disadvantaged in pursuing their careers by a
work-family conflict and are now seeking a law degree


General Support — to allow academic programs to grow and to provide for unique opportunities in legal education at Hastings College of the Law


Island Academy
General Support — to provide quality education in the small developing nation of Antigua, preparing its youth to compete in the international arena by giving them the skills they need to become thoughtful, successful professionals and leaders in their country


North Shore Country Day School
General Support — for co-educational, college preparatory education focused on community, democracy, artistic and physical development and global consciousness for students in the Chicago area


University of California, Berkeley
The Cal Fund — to enrich undergraduate education, provide scholarly research and create new academic opportunities at the University



St. John’s Cathedral
General Support — to provide leadership and faith-based resources to the church and community


Matching Gifts




Core Community Support Grants Under $5,000






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Annual Report Highlights

  2003 Annual Report Highlights

With two other foundations, we provided funding to the Colorado Center on Law and Policy for the Colorado Fiscal Policy Institute to update the Self-Sufficiency Standard for Colorado. The new Standard will provide accurate information about the level of income required for families to become self-sufficient, based on their family composition and geographic location.

We continued to support the growth of the Colorado Children’s Campaign’s endowment that Chambers Family Fund established through a challenge grant. It exceeded $300,000 at the end of 2003. Additionally, we partnered with Rose Community Foundation to share lessons learned from a funders’ collaborative that provided general support to an advocacy organization. With Rose, we presented the collaborative to national foundations that fund children’s issues, encouraging support for statewide children’s advocacy organizations.

In its first year of operation, we provided initial foundation funding for Secure Source. This new organization was created to ensure a reliable, affordable and long term source of high quality contraceptive products to community health organizations providing services to women.

Construction of the Chambers Center began in early 2003 with completion expected in late summer, 2004. With the support of over 500 individuals and foundations, the capital fundraising goal was met. We also funded a strategic planning and re-positioning process undertaken by the Women's Foundation of Colorado to build the capacity of the organization as it prepares to move to its new home in the Chambers Center.

We participated in the Early Care and Education funders collaborative, the Housing and Homelessness funders group, the Self-Sufficiency Standard Coalition and the Educare Colorado funders collaborative to learn more about issues, build capacity of organizations and determine options for collaborative funding.

In this fourth year of our initiative to create women’s funds, Wyoming and Montana exceeded the Chambers Family Fund fundraising challenge and made grants throughout each state. In its first year of operation, the board of the Women’s Foundation of Oklahoma set priorities for grant making and began fundraising efforts.

In 2003, Chambers Family Fund underwrote the cost for staff and board representatives from the women’s funds of Wyoming, Montana and Oklahoma to attend the Women’s Funding Network conference. In addition to attending conference sessions, the participants met in special sessions to reflect on their experiences, share information and best practices and explore opportunities for collaboration. This in-depth review allowed each fund to identify questions and topics for future planning, which became the background for the boards in Wyoming and Montana to undertake strategic planning processes.

In planning for the future, each fund identified the need for increased, more focused marketing, and began discussing opportunities for collaborative marketing efforts. Recognizing the potential benefit of a joint marketing plan, we assisted the three funds to jointly apply for a Venture Fund grant from the Women’s Funding Network.

A $25,000 grant was awarded to the three new women’s funds to develop a collaborative marketing and public relations plan with associated implementation strategies. The plan, to be completed in 2004, will build on existing efforts and provide new information about raising funds to build the endowments of these statewide women’s foundations.

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Annual Report Financial Overview

Cash Basis — Balance Sheet
As of November 30, 2003

Cash and Cash Equivalents   $2,420,124
Investments at Cost

Cash Basis — Statement of Revenues and Expenditures
For the Twelve Months Ended November 30, 2003

Grants Paid
Direct Charitable Activities
General and Administrative Expenses
Total Qualifying Distribution
Investment Management Expenses
Excise Tax   $2,000

Chambers Family Fund 2003 Distributions

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